It’s time for study mode.

These past few weeks of the semester have gone so quickly!   Finals snuck up on me again this semester; In the fall I swore to myself I was going to start studying weeks in advanced for spring finals.  School has been crazy with projects, research papers, and tests. Luckily, only about 2 weeks left then it’s sweet summertime. I love UD but I’m ready to relax for a bit- and I’m sure after 3 weeks at home I’ll be ready to come back to school. 
I will be working at a hotel over the summer as a front desk attendee. I’m pretty excited to expand and apply my knowledge of the hotel system considering I have been studying hospitality technology all semester!  It will be a great experience!   
This weekend is a big race weekend for Women’s rowing also!  On Friday, we head to Dad Vails in Philly to compete in the largest regatta of the season. Can’t wait to see what our hard work brings, first place?!?    Happy studying, blue hens!

Registration and Room Assignments

Got all of the classes and teachers that I wanted!  So excited for next semester as a Sophomore! 
I also found out housing assignments for next fall, and I am pleased to say that I will be rooming with my best friend in a hallway full of rowers next year!!!   


For the past 2 weekends, the rowing team has travelled to compete!  On March 10th UD took on St. Joe’s, Drexel, and LaSalle.  On Saint Patrick’s Day, Delaware raced Old Dominion and University of North Carolina!   Both race days were very exciting!! Yesterday, my boat beat Old Dominion by nearly 17 seconds!  Can’t wait to see where the season takes us!  Go Blue Hens! 


I’m back on campus, and it is strange and cold!  It’s a little weird being back here without the majority of the student body, but that’s something to look forward to for the spring semester, along with the warm weather! I am taking one course over winter session, Macroeconomics, and my professor seems to be cool; I’m anxious to see what the class will be like! It will be much more rigorous than a full semester class, and we meet every day!  Tomorrow winter training for rowing starts, and it will be intense. I’m ready to get back into the swing of things!! good luck fellow Blue hens! Happy new year! 

Step out of your box. It’s college!

For my whole life, I have been dancing, but in high school I always regretted not doing a sport.  Over the summer, I received a flyer about the University of Delaware Women’s Rowing team, I considered it, but it was still overwhelming.  So I came to school, got in the groove of homework and classes, and realized I had much more free time than I anticipated. My friend was also looking for a sport to join, and she encouraged me to email the coach with her. So I did. 
The coach was more than willing to give me information about the try out process and general information. I was extremely concerned about having no athletic background, or experience, but she assured me that there was no experience needed.
Being only a little over a week into practices, it’s still difficult for me to catch on to everything. So far I really like it, but waking up for morning practice at 5:20 isn’t always fun. The girls are great, and very encouraging!

I never thought I would be an athlete, let alone D1, but I’m happy I took the initiative and am trying this sport. It is never too late to try something new!  Check out the UD women’s rowing website for more information!